Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Really, I didn't give up blogging for Lent

I just can't decide what to write about because the only news I have is that I'm sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. It's sort of tempting to write about being sick because I think my case is sort of interesting but, really, I have so little energy that I can't really stand here at the computer for very long and I can't really think all that clearly. I know. Pathetic.

Ironic, too. I was all set with my schedule for Lent and it worked great for two days but since Friday morning I haven't done anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. Of course the trick to doing nothing that isn't necessary is doing just enough so that nothing does become necessary.

Anyway, I thought I should check in. Perhaps I'll have something more intelligent to say soon.


Robyn said...

Poor Q! Not at all pathetic! Really. Although I always feel pathetic when I am sick. The mind games about resting are usually worse than the illness for me. Don't fall into that trap! rest! And love it!

yeah, yeah.

Liz F. said...

I typed Tightwad Gazette and Tomato Soup into google and came up with your fun blog! I made your Moosewood Tomato Soup for the church lenten soup supper and it was a big hit. I enjoyed reading your entries and about your darling children and nice family. Now I have you on my favorites and I check on you from time to time. Take care and God bless, Liz