Thursday, November 29, 2007

Prove me right!

I broke my own blog-reading rules today and followed a link that I knew would be distracting over at Simcha's blog.

This organization, Free Rice is running a vocabulary game that allows the player to donate rice for every correctly answered question. The rice is donated through the UN World Food Program. Normally, I wouldn't be wild about supporting anything that is filtered through the UN and you may feel the same and, therefore, don't want to play this game.

If you're still with me . . . this site intrigues me for a few reasons. First, Simcha claims that they tried to set up as a non-profit and found the process too cumbersome so they set up this for-profit but they don't keep any of their earnings. I think that's ingenious. They've created a fun game that is also educational and is designed to only really work if a human plays it. They've built in levels to keep us motivated to play. I love for-profit thinking!

I was irked to read in the FAQs, however, a subtle implication that homemakers would need lower-level vocabulary words (maybe I'm just paranoid). Anyway, I have long had a theory that homemakers, particularly homeschooling, blogging homemakers are of above-average intelligence. So, if you aren't adverse to supporting the UN, play the game for a few minutes and let me know what your highest level is. I'm not ashamed to say that after donating about 600 grains of rice I had only gotten to level 44. Simcha says she's gotten to 48 which Free Rice says is about the highest most people get (the absolute highest is 50).


stef said...

LOL. I didn't even read that in the FAQs. I did notice that they lumped us in with doctors, so they probably didn't mean to disparage us.

But to help you prove your point, I did get to 48 as well. Now if I can only remember to use those words when I write or talk, I'll be in good shape:)

stef said...

Hi, me again. What I'm more curious about is exactly how much they're donating -- on my post here:

my brother left a comment/link to someone's calculations. Doesn't seem like much donating is going on. But I do think every little bit helps.

Soutenus said...

29,000 grains to a pound -- at last check: since Oct they have donated over 100,000 pounds of rice. It is food that would otherwize not have been donated -- I think that is amazing.
People are going to play games - might as well be able to do something to help others at the same time. PLUS it is a great vocab game!
I am at 44 --- you 48s amaze me!